La Maison

The Owne/s Passion for the Souls’ of Houses

Myriam, the owner of LA MAISON, first studied the arts. She then spent more than fifteen years selling 1930s furniture. But, her passion for houses finally won out once and for all.

First she would guess their past, feel their soul, picture the possibilities and then imagine the new pages to be written for them. This always guided her choices.

On falling in love with this house, she decided to combine business with pleasure.

This is how her home became LA MAISON and an opportunity to welcome and share a small moment of life with guests passing through.

She decorated the three rooms based on objects she bought, found in the house, or unearthed in one of her old haunts – the markets. These finds gave her the reason she needed to add her own personal touch to each room.

Albi- a medieval city

The episcopal city is on the list of 911 major world heritage sites. The Tarn has a great historic and cultural wealth.
To make the most of your visit go to the Albi tourist office site. lt will provide you with the information you need on places to visit and activities available.